ATTENTION The financial community is seeing an aggressive increase in attempts to access member account information through scams and phishing. Hi-Land Credit Union will never contact you to ask for your username, password, or PIN. If you are concerned about a text message, call, or email you receive, please call 801-261-8909.

Fraud Prevention

Every year hundreds of thousands of consumers become victims of identity theft. This results in millions of dollars in fraudulent credit card charges and countless hours spent trying to repair damaged credit files.

Follow these simple dos and don’ts to protect your identity and, ultimately, your good credit:

  • DON’T give out personal information over the phone.
  • DON’T respond to e-mails asking you to verify account numbers, credit card numbers or PINs.
  • DON’T respond to correspondence requesting your account number in order to claim a cash prize such as lottery winnings.
  • DO protect your personal information by shredding old account statements, credit card offers, or any other document that contains personal information.
  • DO monitor your credit file by reviewing your credit report through
  • DO report any suspicious correspondence, phone calls or e-mails to your credit union.

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